[Fixed] CCPA Privacy Policy Generator from Google

ccpa privacy policy generator

Do you know that you can now even make more money from your blog, website, or app with Google’s new CCPA Privacy Policy Generator?

Here how it works

CCPA Privacy Policy Generator from Google

Not too long ago I’ve seen this notification from Google that ‘Get set for CCPA’ & not only that but it also says that this CCPA feature will help you to maintain your earnings so means that more revenue from your blog, website, or app.

ccpa notification

I dig a little more into it & find out that, under your, Google AdSense account there is an option called ‘More Features’ & where is where you can setup ‘CCPA Privacy’ notification but let’s find out first what is CCPA Privacy law & then we’ll learn how to set up this option for your blog, website or an app.

What is CCPA Privacy Law?

CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) is a data privacy law that establishes various rights for California state residents. CCPA law gives California residents a right to opt-out for the sale of their personal information & which means if you’re showing Ads in that region then you must have a (Do not sell my personal information) opt-out link on your homepage. You can read more about it via this link.

Thanks to Google’s new feature (Get set for CCPA) now it is very easy to set this option on your website, blog, or app.

Here are the steps how to set CCPA policy on your blog, website or app.

CCPA Policy Generator from Google

For this to work make sure your website, blog or app connected with Google AdSense.

Sign in to your Google AdSense account.

sign in adsense

Under ‘Ads‘ click on ‘Overview‘ as shown below.

adsense overview option

Now under ‘All your sites‘ locate the website domain which you like to target & the opposite of the domain click on the ‘Edit‘ icon as shown below.

AdSense all your sites

You’ll be presented with ‘Ad Settings Preview‘ & a few more options on the right as shown below.

ad settings preview

Click on ‘More features‘ option on your right & click on ‘Apply to site‘ as shown below.

ccpa privacy message adsense

Now you can see an example of opt-out message on your left bottom as shown below.

do not sell my personal information adsense

Please note that the opt-out message only can be seen by California visitors on your blog, website or an app.

If you’re not receiving a lot of traffic from California or you’re not making enough revenue from that region then you have the option to completely disable the ads for that region.

To disable ads for California users you have to follow these steps.

On your Google AdSense account, click on ‘Blocking Controls‘ as shown below.

blocking control adsense

Now click on ‘All Sites‘ as shown below.

blocking control all sites

Now on your right, you’ll find several options, click on ‘Manage CCPA Settings‘ as shown below.

manage ccpa settings

Click on ‘Restrict data Processing‘ as shown below.

restrict data processing

Now you can the alert message from Google that ‘You’ve turned on opt-out message‘ as shown below.

review ccpa message

This is because earlier we’ve turned on the CCPA message. To turn off the CCPA message, click on ‘Review CCPA Message‘ as shown below.

adsense review ccpa message

Now click the slider to the left to turn off the ‘CCPA Privacy Message‘ as shown below.

turn off ccpa privacy message


If you’re not getting a lot of traffic from California state then I suggest that to completely turn off your ads in that region but if you’re getting a lot of traffic from that region then you can turn on the opt-in CCPA Privacy message by using Google’s CCPA privacy policy generator.

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