[Elgato] Send Microphone Audio to the Second PC

How to send Microphone audio to the second PC using any capture card

microphone audio to second pc

Today you’ll learn how to send your microphone audio to the second PC. For this example, I’ll be using Elgato Capture Card but this tutorial will work for any capture cards as long as your computer is connected through HDMI cable.

I’m streaming games for some time now & I got dual PC setup. The big problem with dual PC setup is the Microphone audio.

For dual PC setup, I saw many streamers use Two Mics. One for chatting with their friends online within the game & another for streaming which is connected to a streaming software like OBS & Streamlabs.

If you don’t have another Mic then don’t worry. Read this article until the end & your Mic problem is over for good.

Head towards sound properties in your computer & click on “Change System Sounds” as shown below.

change system sounds

Now in system sound properties click on Recording Tab as shown below.

recording tab sound settings

Now click on your main Microphone which you like to send audio from. In my case it is “Microphone High Definition” device as shown below.

microphone high definition

Click on its properties.

microphone properties

Now click on “Listen” tab as shown below.

audio listen tab

Now make sure “Listen to this device” box is checked & from drop-down choose your capture card so it can listen to your microphone, in my case my capture card is “Elgato” as shown below.

capture listen to this device

Now click “Apply” & Press OK.

sound properties

That’s it. Now make sure on your second PC the capture software is open. For example, OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) or Elgato Capture to get the Microphone audio.

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