[Fix] This Video is Unavailable with Restricted Mode Enabled

restricted mode youtube

Recently one of my friend told me that he is unable to watch some of my videos & he send me this screenshot through Instagram.

video unavailable with restricted mode

If you’re facing the same issue then you came to the right place. Let’s fix this issue together.

How to Fix YouTube Restricted Mode

Step 1: Launch your YouTube App & click on your Profile Picture as shown below.

launch youtube app

Now from the following options choose Your Channel as shown below.

youtube your channel option

Now click on the Hamburger Menu which is on the top right side of the app as shown below.

hamburger menu youtube app

Click on Settings.

youtube channel settings option

Now click on General.

youtube general option

Here I can see Restricted Mode option which is on as shown below.

youtube restricted mode option mobile

Now turn off the Restricted Mode option as shown below.

restricted mode option

This is how you turn off the Restricted Mode option in YouTube.

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