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If you’re a YouTuber then you should know that YouTube Thumbnail is a very important part of any video. If you’re visiting YouTube daily, how many times you’ve clicked on non-attractive thumbnails? None right? So today I’ll show you 3 best ways to create YouTube thumbnails.

Free Ways To Create YouTube Thumbnails

1. Canva

canva thumbnail maker

Canva is a great platform that allows you to create multiple designs easily. You can create YouTube thumbnails, logos, posters, Instagram posts, social media & much much more.

canva designs

Now you’ll learn how to create YouTube thumbnail by using Canva step by step.

If you don’t have an account with Canva you can sign up with your Gmail, Facebook or with your email address.

canva sign up

If you already have the Canva account you can log in.

canva login

Once you’re logged in, click on the ‘Create a Design‘ button as shown below.

canva navigation

Once clicked, Canva will provide you a search box where you can type what you looking for.

canva search box

Type YouTube in a search box as shown below.

canva search

Now Canva will provide you a few options to choose from. Click on YouTube thumbnail.

canva youtube thumbnail

Once clicked, you’ll be presented with many design options, such as Music YouTube Thumbnail, Food YouTube Thumbnail, Beauty YouTube Thumbnails, Tutorial YouTube Thumbnails & many more.

canva design options

Choose your choice of the thumbnail you want to create. For this example, I’ll choose Tutorial YouTube Thumbnail as shown below.

tutorial youtube thumbnail canva

Click on ‘see all‘ to view all the pre-made examples.

canva tutorials youtube thumbnails

Now you can see a full list of examples.

canva thumbnail examples

Now depending on your YouTube video, pick one design that you think suits best to your YouTube video. I’ll pick the first example.

canva first example

Once clicked, you’ll see the full design on the Canvas as shown below.

canva canvas thumbnail

Double Click on the title to change the text.

canva change text

I’ll change my title to ‘5 best Chrome extensions‘ for this example.

change canva title

You can drag the green rectangle to adjust your text. You can activate the green rectangle by clicking on objects.

canva green rectangle

If you like to change the font or size of your text, you can activate the text menu by clicking on any text & the text menu will appear on top.

canva text menu

Similarly, if you like to add effects to your background, you can activate the effects menu by clicking on the background. The effects menu will appear on top.

canva background effects

Let’s apply the filter to our background.

Click on ‘filter’ as shown below.

canva filters

Once clicked, pre-made filters shown up on the left side.

canva filter effects

Let’s apply the ‘Epic filter’. Choose Epic filter from the filter menu as shown below.

canva epic filter

The result of the Epic filter is great. You can see the result below.

canva epic results

Play with different effects & font types to achieve the result you’re looking for. Once you’re happy with the result it’s time to save the image file to our computer so later we can upload the image file to YouTube.

Click on the download button on the top right.

canva download file

Once clicked, a drop-down menu opens up.

canva watermark draft

Click on ‘download a free watermarked draft‘ to download the file for free. If you like Canva then you can join the premium to remove the Canva watermark otherwise you can use it for free with a watermark.

This is how you use Canva to create YouTube thumbnails.

2. DesignEvo


DesignEvo is another best way to create YouTube Thumbnails. DesignEvo is a great platform to create free logos but you can use DesignEvo to create YouTube thumbnails as well.

Now you’ll learn how to create YouTube thumbnails with DesignEvo step by step.

If you don’t have an account with DesignEvo, sign up for a free account.

designevo sign up

You can sign up with Gmail, Facebook or with an email address.

designevo sign up options

Once sign up, you can log in with your chosen platform.

designevo log in options

Once you’re logged in, click on the ‘Make a Logo‘ button as shown below.

designevo make a logo

You’ll be presented with a lot of templates to choose from.

designevo templates

You can search for any template or you can choose a template from a category.

designevo search category

On your right, you can pick any design from the Category preview.

designevo category preview

For this example, let’s pick up this yellow design.

designevo choose design

A popup box appears asking you to insert the name & slogan.

designevo popup box

You can enter your name & slogan to get started or you can do that manually by hitting the skip button.

designevo slogan

For this example, I’ll enter the name & slogan to get started. For the name I’ll put ‘Best Themes WP’ & for Slogan I’ll put ‘Must Watch’ as shown below.

designevo name slogan

A new window opens up with the design canvas & it’s properties.

designevo design properties

Change the resolution to 1280 x 720 because this size is YouTube thumbnail standard & hit apply as shown below.

designevo canvas size

Now the page size of your thumbnail will increase.

canvas size increase

Click on the text to activate the text properties as shown below.

designevo text properties

Increase the size of the font.

designevo font size

Now our thumbnail looks much better.

thumbnail size

Let’s change the icon of our thumbnail. Look for a search box on your left to search for an icon as shown below.

designevo search icon

Type WordPress in a search box & hit enter.

search box designevo

The search query will show you the results of the icons you can use.

search query

Pick one that fits your needs. I’ll pick the last one for this example.

wordpress icons

Once clicked, the icon will appear on the DesignEvo canvas.

designevo canvas

You can delete any icon by selecting it & hit the delete button.

delete icon designevo

Now adjust your icon & the title text to the middle with the help of snap guides. Snap guides will appear automatically when you drag any object on the canvas.

snap guides

Now select your icon & change its color as shown below.

designevo change colour

If you’re not happy with the result, you can play with more icons & fonts for the best result.

design evo icons

Once you’re happy with the result. Click save on your top right to save your design so you won’t lose the file.

designevo save design

if by this point you’re happy with the result you can click download to download the design file to your computer.

download designevo

Once you click download, you’ll be presented with DesignEvo premium packages.

designevo packages

To download files for free click on ‘Download a low-resolution free logo‘ as shown below.

designevo download logo for free

DesignEvo provides ‘Basic’ & ‘Plus’ package for high-resolution downloads with some extra features. If you enjoy DesignEvo a lot then you can join one of their premium packages.

designevo premium packages

This is how you can use DesignEvo to create YouTube thumbnails.

3. Thumbnail Maker (Android)

thumbnail maker for youtube

Thumbnail maker for Android is my favorite way on the go YouTube thumbnail creator. Whether I’m on a bus or train I can always work on my YouTube thumbnails instead of looking around & wasting time.

Let’s learn how can we use this app.

Open your App Store from your android phone.

android app store

Type thumbnail maker in the app store search box.

android store search

Download Thumbnail Maker for YouTube as shown below.

thumbnail maker android

Install & open the Thumbnail maker App.

install thumbnail maker app

Once the App is open, get familiar with the Thumbnail Maker interface.

thumbnail maker interface

Click on the Thumbnail Maker icon as shown below.

thumbnail maker icon

YouTube Thumbnail maker interface opens up as shown below.

thumbnail maker user interface

By default full frame template is selected. You can experiment with all the templates. For this example, we’ll try the full-frame template as shown below.

default template maker template

To start creating YouTube Thumbnail click on the camera icon as shown below.

thumbnail creator camera icon

Now choose an image from your phone to work with.

phone gallery

I’ll choose the ‘PUBG Mobile’ screenshot for this example as shown below.

thumbnail maker gallery

Once selected the Thumbnail Maker editor opens up again.

editor thumbnail maker

Click on the ‘smiley icon’ to get the icon list as shown below.

thumbnail maker smiley icon

Once clicked you’ll be presented with many useful icons as shown below.

icons list thumbnail maker

Now click on the arrow icon.

thumbnail maker arrow icon

Click on any arrow icon you like as shown below.

arrow thumbnail maker

Once the icon is placed you can use the arrow circle to resize it. Just drag the arrow circle with your finger.

thumbnail maker resize icon

If you’re not happy with the icon you can delete it by pressing on the cross circle as shown below.

thumbnail maker delete icon

Once you’re happy with the result it’s time to type some text.

Click on the text icon as shown below.

thumbnail maker text icon

Click on any text style you like. For this example, I will choose the first template. Click on the pencil icon to edit the name. I’ll call it ‘PUBG’ as shown below.

thumbnail maker edit text

Now place the text to somewhere it fits, I will place it on top right. I will also change the style of the text to blue & pink as shown below.

thumbnail maker edit style

You can play with more icons to design a catchy looking thumbnail & once you’re happy with the result, click on tick mark to save your file as shown below.

thumbnail maker save file

This is how you use Thumbnail Maker for Android to create great thumbnails on the go.


If you’re not getting views on your YouTube videos it might be because of your non-attractive YouTube thumbnails. I hope by now you know how to create great-looking YouTube thumbnails.

Bonus Tip:

Thumbnails are one of the top factors where visitors click on your YouTube videos but you also need to make sure that you have proper SEO & actionable titles & description. I’ll soon create another article where I’ll teach you how to properly SEO your YouTube videos.

For now, that’s it for this article. If you think this article was helpful then please share it on social media & with your friends. This will help me a lot to take this blog further. Thank you for reading.

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