How to Add YouTube Channel Link to TikTok

In this short guide, you’ll learn how to add YouTube channel link to TikTok.

This process only works on a mobile phone so make sure you login to TikTok on your phone.

Open TikTok & click on “Edit Profile” as shown below.

tiktok edit profile

Now click on “Add YouTube to your profile” as shown below.

tiktok add youtube to your profile

Now choose your YouTube channel from the list as shown below. If your channel is not listed then click on “Use another account” & login to your YouTube channel gmail to continue this step.

choose your account tiktok

Before you add YouTube link to TikTok, Google will ask your permission. Click on “Allow” as shown below to add YouTube to TikTok.

tiktok wants to access google account

YouTube kink added to TikTok as shown below.

tiktok youtube link

This is how you add YouTube link to TikTok. If you like this short guide then please share it with your friends. Thanks for reading.

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