Capture Phone Screen on PC without Capture Card

capture phone screen on pc

Are you a gamer or a content creator & wanted to record or stream your phone screen to your audience? Well, I got a very good solution for you where you’ll get 0 lag & the great part is it will be without any capture cards. In this article, I’ll teach you step by step with images of how to Capture Phone Screen on PC without capture cards.

Capture Phone Screen on PC without Capture Cards (Guide)

Step 1: Download Scrcpy

Download Scrcpy from GitHub via this link. Open the link in the browser & scroll down to the Windows section as shown below.

scrcpy github

Click on ‘Scrcpy-win64‘ to download the file as shown below.

scrcpy download github

Now extract the downloaded zip files.

extract zip files

Now you have Scrcpy unzip folder as shown below.

scrcpy files

Step 2: Turn on the Debugging Mode on your phone.

The debugging mode must be on for this method to work. Here are the steps to turn on the debugging mode on your phone.

Open ‘Settings‘ option on your phone as shown below.

settings option android

Find ‘About Phone‘ option under the settings as shown below.

about phone option android

Now find the ‘Build Number‘ option & click on it 7 times. By doing this you’ll become a developer & you’ll get more advance options from your phone. If you’re already granted a developer options then you can skip this step.

build number android

You’ll get a ‘Developer‘ message as shown below.

android developer option

Now go back to the ‘About Phone‘ option & find the ‘Advanced‘ option as shown below.

advanced option android

Now find the ‘USB Debugging‘ option & turn it on as shown below.

turn on usb debugging

Now plug your Phone USB cable from one side to the computer & the other side to your phone as shown in the picture below.


plug usb port pc

USB-C to Phone

usb c to phone

Step 3: Launch Scrcpy Console

Now you have to go back to the extracted Scrcpy folder as shown below.

scrcpy github files

Open the extracted folder ‘Scrcpy win64‘ & launch the ‘scrcpy-console‘ file as shown below.

scrcpy console

If all works fine then you’ll be presented with the ‘Phone 2‘ console window which is capturing your phone screen as shown below.

scrcpy phone 2

If for some reason the Scrcpy Console doesn’t work then make sure to reconnect the USB cable & also make sure the debugging mode is on & try again.

You can also navigate to your phone screen with your mouse using Scrcpy Console.

For audio, you can use the ‘Aux Cable‘ & plug one side to the phone & the other into your PC.

If you face any issues then please let me know in a comment box below. Thanks for reading.


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