How to fix OBS Black Screen when using OpenGL

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In this blog article we’ll learn how to fix OBS black screen when using OpenGL.

Step 1: Run The Game or program as an Administrator

Make sure to always run the game as an administrator. You can set your game or any program as an administrative mode. Here are the steps.

Right click on the game icon or program & go to it’s properties as shown below.

administrative mode

Click on compatibility tab as shown below.

compatibility tab

Click on checkbox “Run this program as an administrator” & hit apply as shown below.

run as administrator

Step 2: Run OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) as an administrative mode.

Right-click on OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) icon & click on its properties as shown below.

obs properties

Click on Compatibility option as shown below.

compatibility tab properties

Make sure “Run this program as an administrator” box is checked.

run program administrator

Now run the game or program along with OBS & make sure you detect that game or program using window mode in OBS.

obs window capture
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