How to Format, Create & Delete Storage Partition in Windows

hard drive partition

In this blog article you’ll learn how to format, delete & create storage partition in Windows.

Open your Windows control panel.

control panel windows

Click on “Administrative Tools” as shown below.

administrative tools

Now click on “Computer Management” as shown below.

computer management

Now under “Storage” click on “Disk Management” as shown below.

storage disk management

Now you’ll get a full list of storage drives you’ve in your windows machine as shown below.

disk management chart windows

Pay attention on the following colours.

disk management colours

Black color presents “Unallocated Storage Drives” which means drives that are deleted or not have been created as yet. So far we don’t have any Unallocated drives yet.

unallocated drives

Blue color presents “Primary Storage Drives” as shown below.

primary storage drives

Green color presents “Simple Storage Drives” as shown below.

simple volume drives

Now let’s delete a partition so we can learn how to create one. For this example, we’ll use “New Volume (K:)” storage partition as shown below.

new volume k drive

Now right click on the “New Volume (K:)” partition & click on “Delete Volume” as shown below.

delete partition windows 10

You’ll get a warning message from windows that if you delete the partition you’ll lose all the data on the partition. Make sure you backed up your data before clicking “Yes” You can transfer important data to an external drive or a USB drive.

deleting partition warning message

After backing up all your data click “Yes” as shown below. Note: This will delete the partition & all its data.

delete simple volume

You can see below the partition has been deleted & it is highlighted now in black color. This partition is now “Unallocated” partition & it means that we can create a new partition out of it.

unallocated space

Now right click on “Unallocated” partition & click on “Simple New Volume” as shown below.

new simple volume

Now we need to use “New Simple Volume Wizard” application to create a new partition as shown below.

new simple volume wizard

Click “Next”

wizard application

Now we need to specify the volume size as shown below.

specify volume size

If you like to divide the partition into half then you can use the calculator to divide the numbers. For this example, I’ll leave the default number as it is which is full size.

volume size

Click “Next”

next button

Now we have to assign the drive letter to the partition or path.

assign volume

For this example I’ll choose letter “Q” as shown below.

partition path

Now click “Next”

click next

Now in order to use this partition we must format it so we can store data.

format partition

Make sure “Format this volume” option is checked & tick the “Perform a quick format” check box as shown below.

quick format

For file system, I’ll choose “NTFS” Allocation unit size “Default” & Volume label will be “New Volume” as shown below.

ntfs volume

Click “Next”

next icon

Now click “Finish” to finish the wizard.

finish wizard

You’ve successfully created a new partition. You can see below the new partition listed which is “Q” letter partition.

new partition

You can also view the new partition in windows explorer as shown below.

windows explorer new partition

I hope you find this blog article helpful. If you do then please share it with your friends & family.

Thanks for reading.

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