How to get Cloudflare free SSL Certificate [Easy]

cloudflare free ssl

In this blog article, we’ll learn how to implement a Cloudflare free SSL certificate for your domain.

Signup with Cloudflare

Sign up for a free account on Cloudflare website.

sign up for cloudflare

Add your website domain without www as shown below.

cloudflare add site

Choose a free plan as shown below from the list.

cloudflare free plan

Confirm the free plan.

cloudflare free plan

Cloudflare will perform a quick scan to look for DNS records.

cloudflare quick scan DNS

Cloudflare automatically imports the DNS records as shown below.

cloudflare scan dns records

Click on ‘Continue’

cloudflare dns dashboard

I’ll update the nameservers of my domain to Cloudflare so I’ll choose ‘Continue with Default‘ as shown below.

default method cloudflare

Now you have to update your domain nameservers to Cloudflare nameservers. Cloudflare will notify you this as shown below.

cloudflare nameservers

You can update your domain nameservers by logging into your domain registrar dashboard.

I got my domain name with Namecheap so I’ll log in to my Namecheap account & will look for custom DNS nameserver options as shown below.

namecheap nameservers

Type your nameservers in the empty fields & hit save as shown below.

namecheap custom dns nameservers

Once you update the nameservers of your domain you have to turn on the following settings in your Cloudflare dashboard.

SSL/TLS Encryption Mode

Make sure SSL/TLS encryption mode is full. Navigate to the top menu & click on SSL/TLS & click on full as shown below.

ssl tls menu

For additional settings, we can use Quick Start Guide mode for easy setup.

Navigate to Overview & Click on Quick Start Guide button as shown below.

cloudflare quick start guide

Click on Get Started as shown below.

quick start guide cloudflare

Improve Security

These settings will help you to improve the security of your website or blog.

Automatic HTTPS Rewrites

Turn of the ‘Automatic HTTPS Rewrites‘ option as shown below & hit save.

automatic https rewrites cloudflare

Optimize Performance

You can minify your HTML, CSS & JavaScript files by using the Auto Minify option which will help your website to load even faster.

Tick the checkboxes for JavaScript, CSS & HTML & hit save as shown below.

cloudflare optimize performance

Brotli Compression

Turn on the Brotli Compression & hit save as shown below.

brotli compression cloudflare

Now click on ‘Finish‘ to complete the Quick Start Guide setup as shown below.

quick start guide setup

That’s it. It might take few hours before you see the SSL certificate with your domain so just check back within 24 hours after updating the nameservers.

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