How to Install Windows 11 on MacBook Pro Using Bootcamp

windows 11 on macbook

Windows 11 is the new operating system from Microsoft & it’s been a while I’m using the operating system & I can tell you Windows 11 is a very well-optimized OS from Microsoft.

In this guide, my only focus is to teach you how to install this operating system on your MacBook pro.

Windows 11 on MacBook Pro Using Bootcamp

Step 1:

Preparing ISO files of Windows 10 & Windows 11.

For this process to work we need to prepare or download ISO files of both operating systems.

Download Windows 11 by using this link. Make sure to convert & download the ISO version.

Download Windows 10 by Using this link.

Step 2:

Mount both ISO files using any ISO tool. There are many tools you can use like Ultra ISO or AnytoIso software.

Now copy all the Windows 10 installation files into a new folder on your computer. In my case, I copied all the files into my desktop as shown below.

windows 10 installation files

Once copied, delete “Install.esd” file under sources as shown below.

install esd file

Now copy the “Install.wim” file from Windows 11 sources folder to the copied Windows 10 sources folder as shown below.

install wim windows 11

Now change the extension of install.wim file to install.esd as shown below.

install windows 11 any pc

Step 3:

Now create the whole folder to ISO file by using any free ISO maker.

You can use the ISO workshop which is totally free to create the ISO file. here is the link.

Now use Bootcamp in a Mac to install windows 11 & it should work fine. If you face any issues then let me know in the comment form below.

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