How to Make Money Online Playing Video Games

make money playing games

Practical Guide on How to make money online playing video Games

If you’re a beginner or a professional gamer you can make serious money online by playing video games. Today I’ll show you how much Gamers earn & how can you do the same.

Gaming on YouTube

Let’s talk about the easiest method first to make money online as a Gamer

Gaming on YouTube without Commentary & Face cam

Believe it or not but there are many Gamers who make a ton of money by recording & uploading their gameplays on YouTube without commentary or Facecam. Why this is exciting? Well, you can just enjoy your games by playing but just make sure you hit the record button & you don’t have to worry about microphone audio & Facecam.

Here are three Gamers on YouTube who make a lot of money without Facecam & commentary.


By this point, Throneful on YouTube got 1 million subscribers. He uploads one video every hour. If you check his YouTube stats on Social Blade he is making between £3000 – £43000 a month by the time of writing this article.

throneful social blade

This is a lot of money by just recording your gameplays & uploading them on YouTube with commentary & Facecam.


Currently, MKIceAndFire got over 2 million subscribers. This is a big achievement considering Gaming videos without microphone & Facecam.

If you check his profile on Social Blade, he is earning roughly between £7000 – £110000 monthly. We know that this is not an accurate figure & Social Blade just look at your monthly views to figure out an income but if the social blade shows £7000 – £110000 monthly figures then we can estimate this channel earning at least £2000 a month guaranteed.

mkiceandfire earnings

This is a lot of money but in starting you won’t be making a ton of money. To be honest a channel like this is very hard to grow but easiest to maintain at starting & you have to buy new games all the time but once your channel approves for monetization you can just play games, record & earn money. Simple as that.

There are a ton of channels like these who make a lot of money & their job is just to play & record, no face cam needed & no microphone needed.

Gaming on YouTube with Commentary only no Face Cam

Another best way to create a Gaming YouTube channel. No matter what language you speak there is always an audience in Gaming. You can buy a cheap Microphone from any local store or online & start your Gaming YouTube channel. Make sure you clear the background noise using software or filters depending on how you going to record your lovely voice.

If you like to use software then you can use Audacity to clear your background noise. Audacity is completely free & very easy to use.

audacity background noise

For filters I use OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to clear background noise.

obs filters
background noise OBS

Top YouTube Gaming Channels with Commentary Only no Face cam


theRadBrad is a well-known gamer & popular because of his commentary gameplay. He really brings exciting energy into his gaming footage when he does voiceovers. I’m following Brad for a very long time now & I’m sure you will be too after watching his videos.

Let’s check his Social Blade profile.

theradbrad earnings

By the time of writing this blog article, Brad got almost 12 million subscribers & earning around £8,500 to £138000 a month from his YouTube channel, you can estimate his guaranteed earnings around £5000 a month which is huge.

If you compare his channel to the ones we discussed earlier (non-Commentary Channels) we can see that Brad’s growth is huge & he is earning 3 times more. This really proves that with non-commentary channels you don’t have to work that much hard but the reward is quite low as well. Engaging with your audience can bring you millions of views, subscribers & ultimately more income.

Same like Brad there are so many other channels which are only based on commentary & they are earning huge amount of money every month.

Gaming Channels with Commentary & Face Cam

Gaming Channels with Face Cam & Commentary is the best possible way to create Gaming content. Your audience can engage & interact with you the best way possible & this is why you’ll get more subscribers, views & ultimately you’ll earn more compare to other gaming channels we’ve discussed earlier.


I’m following Ali-A for a very long time. He is well known for his Fortnite videos. When it comes to editing Ali-A is the best in business. I always dream to have a channel like him. To be honest I don’t like Fortnite but I just watch him because of his reaction to his videos which are exciting to watch.

Let’s take a look at his Social Blade profile.

ali a earnings

He got over 17 million subscribers & he is earning between £10,000 – £164000 a month so you can be guaranteed an estimate of £6000 a month which is huge & this really shows us the true power of having both Face cam & a microphone. If you learn video editing then you can bring quality content to the table like Ali-A.

If you compare Ali-A’s channel to the Throneful’s channel you can see that Throneful uploaded over 50,000 videos & he got just over million subscribers but Ali-A uploaded just over 3000 videos & he got 17 million subscribers. This really proves you the power of having a connection with your audiences with Face cam & a microphone.

facecam vs no facecam gaming channel

Streaming Games on YouTube

If you’re not a big fan of editing then you can stream games on YouTube. I believe streaming works best with a Face cam & the reason is that there will be many moments without any action in the game which you can’t edit because of live streaming so it’s a good ideas to have a Face cam so you can engage with your audiences.

Let’s take a look at successful channels which do streaming only.

Dynamo Gaming

Dynamo Gaming is an Indian base Gaming channel that covers mostly PUBG Mobile gaming. Dynamo got over 7 million subscribers. If you take a look at his latest video which was live stream got over 1 million views.

dynamo gaming earnings

The interesting thing is Dynamo doesn’t use any Face cam but just a microphone so why he is getting so many views? Well, the reason is his Game Play is too strong. He is very serious into his Game Play & this can lead to more subscribers & more views ultimately.

Let’s check his Social Blade profile & see how much he is earning roughly.

dynamo gaming social blade

According to Social Blade Dynamo is earning between £6000 to £97000 a month so you can guaranteed estimate around £5000 a month. We are just talking about earning money through Ads here but Dynamo gets a lot of donation from his fans too.

That’s enough for YouTube. I’m sure by now you got a good idea what kind of gaming channel to make & weather to have a Face cam or a microphone or you might want to have both. If you don’t feel comfortable on a camera then you can still make videos but unlist the videos so the public can’t see & you can review those videos yourself or with your friends. After some time you’ll start feeling comfortable.

Gaming on Twitch

If you don’t like editing & love to do live streaming then you must use Twitch along with YouTube of course. You can use services like to stream on multiple platforms.


The cool thing about Restream is that you can manage all your streams on one location & you can read all your chat through one chat app.

I hope you heard about Ninja & Shroud on Twitch. They build their whole career doing streaming Battle Royale Games on Twitch. Recently Mixer from Microsoft bought both streamers for million of dollars. Mixer closed down now but both streamers got paid millions. This example shows you if you get better at one type of particular game you can make a name for yourself in the gaming world.

A mixture of YouTube & Twitch

In recent years I notice many streamers doing a mixture of YouTube & Twitch. They stream using twitch & with the help of Twitch editor they can edit videos quickly & upload them on YouTube. This is the best way to give your Twitch account an exposure.

This is how Twitch editor looks like.

twitch editor

Another way to make YouTube content is that record behind the scene videos which means that whatever is happening around your stream, it can be setting up Gaming PC or Dual PC, setting up capture cards, or buying gear for your streaming or gaming PC, microphones, etc, etc. This is another best way to drive traffic to your Twitch account.


No matter what platform you choose or the format, the most important thing is that you entertain people. Your videos must be in good quality which means at least in 720p resolution & the content should be good. You can’t get overnight success unless you’re a very lucky person so you must be patient. Make sure you love the game you’re playing & as time pass by you will become good at it.

That’s it for this article. If you like the article then please share it with your friends & family to support my blog. I’ll see you in another article soon.

Thank you for reading.

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