How to Setup Cloudways Email – Complete Guide

To be honest, since I joined Cloudways I’m really loving the service. Clouways is the fastest hosting service I’ve ever used & believe it or not the service is not expensive at all too.

Today I will teach you how to setup Cloudways Email step by step.

Setup Cloudways Email

Login to Cloudways or Sign up here.

cloudways login page

Enter your login details & sign in as shown below.

cloudways login page

Click on more options Icon as shown below.

more options cloudways

Under more options, click on Add-ons as shown below.

cloudways addons link

You’ll get the following add-ons as shown below.

cloudways add-ons

You need to look for Rackspace Email as shown below.

rackspace email cloudways

To setup the Rackspace email option, you’ve to click on the Pencil Icon as shown below.

rackspace email setup

Once clicked, a pop-up box will appear with the following options as shown below.

rackspace email options

Note: Each new Mailbox will cost you $1 at the moment of writing this article as shown below.

cloudways mailbox price

To create a new mailbox type your desire email address & password as shown below. make sure your email must be ending with your domain name, for example,

create mailbox cloudways

Now click on ‘Save Changes‘ as shown below.

rackspace email

If your email successfully created without any errors, you’ll see your email under the Mailboxes list as shown below.

cloudways mailboxes

To login to your email, click on Help as shown below.

rackspace email help

If this is your first time creating a Rackspace email addon then you have to log in to your domain name portal & add the DNS/MX records to it.

rackspace email dns mx

You can see below the DNS/MX records you have to add.

dns mx records

In my case, I’m with Namecheap so I have to log in to my Namecheap account & I’ve to go to Manage > Advanced DNS to add the DNS Records as shown below.

dns namecheap

Make sure to add MX Records as well as shown below.

custom mx namecheap

Don’t forget to click on the green check marks after you have added the DNS records as shown below.

namecheap dns save changes

Now wait for a while & go back to the Rackspace Email option under addons.

addons rackspace email

Click on the Pencil icon as shown below.

rackspace email enable

Now click on Help option as shown below.

rackspace email help options

Under help, click on the ‘Webmail Online Access‘ link as shown below or you can click on this link to get the access.

webmail online access rackspace

Now put your chosen email & password the one you’ve created under rackspace email earlier as shown below.

webmail login

Click on Log In.

webmail log in button

Congratulations! You’re successfully log in to your new email account.

webmail dashboard

If you like to configure mail client to access the Rackspace email then you can read this article provided by Rackspace email under help as shown below.

mail client rackspace email

Alternatively you can click on this link to view the article.

That’s it for this tutorial. If you like the article then please share it with your friends. I’ll see you soon in another article. Until then take care & thank you very much for reading.

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