How to Watermark & Resize Multiple Images Using Illustrator

watermark multiple images using illustrator

In this article, we’ll learn how to watermark multiple images using Adobe Illustrator.

Watermark Multiple Images Using Illustrator

Launch your Adobe Illustrator program & click on Create New as shown below.

create new illustrator

If you’re exporting images for the web then choose Web from the both menus as shown below. Don’t worry about the width & height at the moment as we can change this later.

adobe illustrator new document

Now click on Create to create a new document.

create new document illustrator

Now I’ll zoom out the document so I can see all the artboards which I’m going to create later. Click on the zoom panel & choose 25% as shown below.

illustrator zoom out page

I’ve prepared 5 images from Unsplash which provides free images for commercial & personal use for this tutorial. If you need images for any kind of project then I highly recommend Unsplash.

I’ve created a folder called Temp Images & put all 5 images inside it as shown below.

water mark multiple images

Now I’ll create 4 more artboards so I have a total of 5 artboards to work with because I have to watermark & resize 5 images in total.

Now head back to Adobe Illustrator & on the main menu click on file & document setup as shown below.

document setup option illustrator

On Document Setup options click on Edit Artboards as shown below.

document setup illustrator options

Now place your mouse Cursor on the main artboard & hold Alt & drag with left click using mouse to duplicate the artboard as shown below.

duplicate artboards illustrator

Now we have two artboards as shown below.

artboards illustrator

Now repeat the last step & create 3 more artboards by holding the Alt key on your keyboard.

Now we have 5 artboards to work with as shown below.

multiple artboards illustrator

Now we have to place 5 images we saved in a folder into these artboards.

From the main menu click on File & Place as shown below.

place option adobe illustrator

Now navigate to the folder where you saved the 5 images as shown below.

select images illustrator

Select all of them & click on Place as shown below.

place images using illustrator

You can place images anywhere on the canvas for now because later we’ll place each image into the artboard.

place images adobe illustrator

Now drag & place each image into the artboard. If the image is big make sure resize them so they are fit into the artboards.

resize images illustrator

You also can change the artboard size by going to File > Document setup > Edit Artboards as shown below.

how to place images using illustrator
document setup illustrator options

You also can use a shortcut key to edit the artboard which is Shift + O

Change the size of the artboard to the image size.

resize artboard illustrator

Now place all the images into artboards. Make sure all the images fit into artboards.

Note: You can resize artboards or images depending on how large the images you need.

illustrator working with images

Now we have to watermark our images.

Click on File > Place as shown below.

place option adobe illustrator

Now navigate to your watermark image, select the watermark image & click on Place as shown below.

place image using illustrator

You can place the watermark image anywhere you like but just make sure it do not cover the main focus of the image.

illustrator place image

Now you can reduce the opacity to 15% as shown below.

adobe illustrator opacity option

Now copy & past the watermark logo on every artboard.

artboards in illustrator

Tip: If your images or artboards are equal in size then you can use the Paste in Place option to perfectly place the copied image into the new artboard in the same area by going to Edit > Paste in Place as shown below.

paste in place illustrator

Now we are ready to export all our images at once.

To export images go to File > Export > Export As as shown below.

illustrator export as

Create a new folder & call it whatever you like, I’ll call it Watermark as shown below.

how to create a new folder

Now double click on the watermark folder & give your file a name, I’ll call it Watermark Images. Make sure JPEG is selected & the Use Artboards option is checked & All option is selected as shown below.

illustrator jpeg options

Now click on Export.

export button illustrator

Choose the following settings from the JPEG options. Set Color Model to RGB, for Quality choose 2 to lower down the quality. If you want higher quality then you can increase the size. For Compression Method choose Baseline (Standard) Resolution will be Screen (72 PPI) & Anti-aliasing will be Type Optimized (Hinted) as shown below.

jpeg options illustrator

Click OK to export the images.

images export illustrator

Now check the Watermark folder & all exported images should be there as shown below.

exported images folder

This is how you can watermark & resize images using Adobe Illustrator.

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