[Solved] How to Blur Text in Filmora

Sometimes you have to hide important or personal information from your videos & Filmora makes it very easy to do just that with their built-in filter. In this mini-article, I’ll show you how to blur text in Filmora.

How to Blur Text in Filmora

Step 1: Launch Filmora.


Step 2: Import footage & place it into timeline as shown below.


Step 3: Now drag the timeline pointer or indicator to the area where you like to blur the text as shown below.


For this example I’ll use one of my blog article area as shown below.

blur text filmora

Step 4: Click on Effects under the main menu as shown below.

effects menu filmora

Step 5: Now on your left menu, click on Utility as shown below.

filmora utility menu

Step 6: Now find Mosaic filter.

mosaic filter filmora

Step 7: Now drag the Mosaic filter to the timeline & line it up with the pointer or indicator as shown below.

drag filter filmora

Step 8: Now you can adjust the position & the size of the filter with small mini boxes around the filter as shown below.

mosaic filter

Step 9: Change the position of the filter & resize it so it covers the whole text as shown below.

resize filter filmora

This is how to blur text in Filmora using mosaic filter. If you find this article helpful then please share it with your friends. Thanks for reading.

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