Tencent Emulator Best Settings For High-End Cards

Tencent Emulator Best Settings

Are you playing PUBG Mobile on PC? Do you own a High-End Graphic card but your Tencent emulator lags a lot? Here are the best settings I used to play PUBG Mobile on PC.

Note: This tutorial is only for those users who own high-end graphic cards. I’ll be writing another blog article soon for low-end graphic card users.

Open your GameLoop or Tencent Emulator. If you don’t have one you can get it from this link.

game loop welcome screen

Click on “My Games” & make sure PUBG Mobile is installed in your Tencent emulator.

pubg mobile game

Now on right corner click on menu & then on settings as shown below.

game loop settings menu

Now click on “Engine” tab as shown below.

tencent engine settings

Now it’s time to change your emulator settings.

For Rendering option choose “DirectX+” as shown below. DirectX works best for the high-end graphic cards.

tencent rendering option

Now make sure “Render Cache” “Enforce Global Render Cache” “Prioritise Dedicated GPU” & “Rendering Optimisation” is checked as shown below.

game loop engine settings

For Anti-aliasing choose “Ultimate“, Memory “Auto“, Processor “Auto” Resolution depends on your Monitor, mine is “1920×1080” & Set DPI to “160” as shown below.

best settings game loop

Now click on Game tab as shown below.

game tab tencent

For “Gaming Resolution” Settings choose Ultra HD 2K option if you’re using GTX 1060 or over as shown below.

ultra hd tencent

For Display Quality option choose HD as shown below.

high quality option tencent

Now click “Save” to save the settings.

tencent save settings

Now we have to run the game & change some options within the game.

Click on “Play” to run the game as shown below.

play pubg mobile

Once the game is running, click on right bottom game options as shown below.

pubg mobile game options

Now click on Graphic settings as shown below.

pubg mobile graphic settings

Now we’ve to change the following options.

pubg mobile ultra settings

For Graphics choose HD or HDR. If HDR doesn’t work for you then HD is the minimum if you want to see a good quality.

pubg mobile hdr

For high frame rates, choose “Extreme” as shown below.

pubg mobile frame rate

For the “Style” option choose “Colorful” as shown below.

pubg colorful option

For smooth graphics enable “Anti aliasing” option & enable “Shadows” as shown below.

anti aliasing pubg mobile

For “ColorBlind Mode” option choose “Normal” if you face difficulty seeing colours then you can try different colour modes. I’ll leave Brightness on 100% as shown below.

colorblind mode pubg mobile

For the “Non-Standard Screens” option choose “Normal” & the important step is to make sure the “Auto-adjust Graphics” option is Disable. If Auto-adjust graphics option is enabled then GameLoop will automatically reduce your FPS which is not good for smooth gameplay.

auto adjust graphics pubg mobile

Click OK to apply the settings.

apply the settings pubg

Final Result.

pubg mobile home screen

Smooth & high Graphics.

I hope this blog article helped you out. Please share it with your friends if you like the article.

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