Transfer Files Between Computers Using Ethernet

ethernet transfer files tutorial

Transfer Files Between Computers Using Ethernet

It’s been a year now I’m using dual PC setup because I stream games a lot. Sometimes I’ve to record my gameplays for good quality videos so they look crisp on YouTube. Good quality means large file size & because my gaming PC is more powerful, I like to edit my videos there so it means I’ve to transfer my files from my streaming PC to Gaming PC because I also record my games on streaming PC for good fps count. If I record my games on the same PC where I game then I lose a lot of fps.

I can use the external hard drives to transfer large files but I don’t want to get into this hassle by plugging & unplugging external hard drives again & again. I always knew that both computers are connected within the same network using Ethernet cables so there must be a way to transfer files from one computer to another.

Recently I’ve discovered that I can transfer files on a private network between two computers by cross over Ethernet cable or if I’m using an Ethernet switch.

The only down fall to this solution is that you’ll be disconnected with the internet as long as you’re on a private network. So what I do is that I create a private network & transfer files between computers & once I’m done I remove the private network.

You can try out this method & you’ll know sooner if this method suits best to you. Because I’m using Gigabit Ethernet cables I transfer files between two computers over 100 MB speed.

Here are the steps to create a private network between computers & transfer files:

Before we start make sure your both computers are connected within the same network. You can use cross over cable to connect both computers or you can get an Ethernet switch.

Open control panel in your windows machine.

control panel windows 10

Click on “Network & Sharing Center” as shown below.

network & sharing center windows

Now click on “Change adapter settings” as shown below.

change adapter settings

Now right click on your network device & click on properties.

ethernet properties

Select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” & click on its properties as shown below.

internet protocol version 4

Select the “Use the following IP address” option, for IP address use & Subnet mask will be

custom ip address

Click OK once done.

tcp ipv4 address

Please not that your internet might be disconnected by this point.

Now it’s time to change the IP address on the second computer.

For IP address I’ll use & subnet mask will be the same

subnet mask

click OK once done.

ip address subnet mask

Now we’ll change the share settings of a folder or a drive you like to share. For this example, I’ve created a folder called share folder & I got a temp file in it.

share folder

Right click on the folder & click on its properties as shown below.

folder properties

Click on “Sharing” tab.

folder sharing tab

Now click on Advanced Sharing.

advanced sharing folder

Tick the box called “Share this folder” & click apply as shown below.

share this folder

Now click on “Permissions tab”

permissions tab folder

Now make sure “Everyone” is selected & tick the boxes for “Full Control” “Change” “Read” & click apply so the user have full control of the share folder as shown below.

permissions for share folder

Now this folder is shared & you can access it from another computer but before we do that we need to check the ping from another computer weather these two computers are connected to each other or not. We can use Command Prompt to check the ping.

Open Command Prompt in your windows machine.

command prompt windows machine

Now type “ping” & the IP address you’ve given to another computer. In my case it will be “ping” as shown below.

command prompt ping command

Now press enter to test the command. You’ll get replies from another computer with 0% loss packets as shown below.

command prompt ping results

If it doesn’t work for you then repeat all the steps plus check the IP addresses.

Now open your explorer & type the IP address of another computer with a double slash as shown below & press enter.

double slash ip address

Now you can see the share folder which you have shared from another computer.

ip address share folder

Double click to open the folder. Now you can see all files within the folder. You can copy, move or delete files from this folder.

shared folders network

I hope you learn today how to transfer files between computers using Ethernet. If you face any issues please let me know in the comment form below.

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Thank you for reading.

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